Monday, October 8, 2012

I Love a Good Fight

Don't you love a good fight?

Well, in hockey anyways! Last week, I received some tickets to see the local Fairbanks Ice Dogs play agains the Wenatchee Wild. The tickets were a "thank you" from our local military housing office. I had won a photography contest, and because there was a delay in my prize being delivered, they gave me the tickets as well.

I simply love going to hockey games, especially here in Fairbanks. Up here, when there is a home game, there is actually three home games. They will play the same team three nights in a row. Can you imagine the "bad blood" that builds up between hard rivals, playing such close games? Holey socks!

Last night was no different. There were several scuffles...and at one point there were two throw-downs going in two different parts of the arena at the same time.

And the crowd goes wild!

For my military readers - do you enjoy attending the local sport events where you are stationed?