Monday, May 21, 2012

Military Monday | Pearl Harbor

I have been saving this post to share on a Military Monday. The final day in Hawaii for the Army Family Action Plan Conference, when the conference was over, we drove straight to this beautiful and emotional location. Iris and I both felt that this was the must see on the island, that we truly had to see before leaving that night.

The World War II Valor in the Pacific, Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

I think the photos tell the story.

The USS Bowfin

When walking through the area, and coming to the names of all of those lost, on "eternal patrol," it is impossible to not feel emotions welling up inside you. Even though we are Army, and the souls lost were Navy, there is no separation. Those were American Servicemembers. "Guys" just doing their jobs, and they were lost. I couldn't spend much time in that area. It was simply too difficult. It brought to mind all of the names of those who I know, that we have lost in our current conflicts.
The effect of American Servicemen lost in battle, spans time and branches.