Friday, May 11, 2012

Memorials of a War and a Queen

As we walked along the beach in Waikiki, we came to this building.

This location was fenced off and closed, and was clearly a war memorial, but we had no idea exactly what it was.

It was negected and falling apart, gated off for being dangerous.

Across the street was this.

After returning home, I did a search and learned that this was the Natatorium World War I memorial. Locals are trying to save it and restore it, and it looks to be quite the battle. I thought it was sad to see this is such a state.

Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial

Across the street from the beach park was another memorial, this one to a queen.

Queen Esther Kapi'olani

Image Source

She was named Esther Kapiʻolani, after her great-aunt High Chiefess Kapiʻolani, who defied the goddess Pele in the name of Christianity, and the Biblical queen Esther. Her motto was "Kulia I Ka Nuʻu" which means "Strive for the Highest"

Queen Kapi'Olani is remembered for many things, including establishing a maternity hospital which still exists as the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

She was also known as an accomplished music composer, and even wrote a song for her husband. Sadly, he died before ever hearing it.

I greatly enjoy visiting memorials and learning about local and other history. Must be the homeschool Mom in me...but learning never ends!