Friday, May 11, 2012

Driving through Honolulu

After the final day of our Army Family Action Plan conference, we loaded up our luggage, changed out of our business clothes, and headed to enjoy our last evening in Hawaii. The southern shore of Oahu is such a stark contrast to the quiet North Shore. Down here, you see sky scrapers and busyness everywhere!

The harbor

Rain on the mountains behind the city.

The Star Princess at port.

We're on our way!

The Aloha Tower welcoming ships to Oahu.

While very interesting to look at, I couldn't ever imagine myself living in something like this.

As Iris said, "A partially eaten doughnut!"

Very cool!

A sidewalk "statue"...I love the lady in pink's expression.

Something cool to check out...

We finally reached our destination, and found a place to park. Now to enjoy our last evening in Hawaii!