Monday, April 16, 2012

The Things that You See on a Walk

Last night after dinner, the kiddos and I went on a walk through some nearby woods. For well over half a mile of the walk "in" we were trailing a huge fox who would trot along the path, stop and look at us, and keep trotting. A couple times he or she just stopped, sat down, and stared at us. He'd watch us 'til we got too close, and then start trotting up the trail again. At one point I stopped and snapped this picture of his track. That's a good-sized fox!

It is funny, because even though you see that snow on the ground still, it was quite warm. I made the mistake of wearing my bulky Carhart jacket, and thought I was going to DIE from the heat before the walk ended.

Another set of tracks we were seeing were these huge things....any guess as to what they are?

Those are the tracks of a lynx.

When we got up to the "hill" I snapped this picture.

And finally, we found something pretty cool for us nature-lover homeschool folks. We have to dry and "bleach" it out, but we have another souvenir for our "specimen" collection...the mandible of a moose.

What kinds of things have you found on your family walks?

Where are you favorite places to wander?