Monday, April 9, 2012

Special Army Events in Our Life & Military Monday Linky Party

Last week 2 special things happened in our Army Life.

The first thing that occured, was my husband being promoted.

My father-in-law is a retired Sergeant Major, and as such had the ability to read the "orders" for Jeff's promotion. Because Jeff's parents so very far away, and couldn't be there for it, we did something a little special. We e-mailed them the text for the orders, and he read it over the phone. So you see one soldier holding a phone out, while the entire room is at attention for the reading. It was so wonderful hearing his voice in the room, so that in a way they were there for it.

Then one person changed his rank on his uniform, while I changed the rank on his Stetson.

Then we had another special occasion. Those of you that follow me on facebook or twitter, probably remember me talking about cooking a TON of Pulled Pork last for an Army.

This was why.

The next day we had what is called a "Change of Responsibility."

The out-going 1st Sergeant takes the guidon from the troop, hands it to the commander, who then hands it to the incoming 1st Sergeant, and back to the troop.

My hubby giving a short speech.

Then he takes his position at the front of the troop. ("Company" for non-Cavalry units)

During the ceremony, the outgoing wife receives a bouquet of red roses and is thanked for all she has done to support her husband and the troop. The incoming wife receives yellow roses, and is welcomed. And because Jennifer was there, she received a single yellow rose as well.

Afterwards, the incoming 1st Sergeant provides refreshments for a little reception. And because I am who I am...we couldn't possibly do the customary cold cuts & crackers. No way!

We did 30+ pounds of Pulled Pork & Coleslaw...and it was a hit. There were soldiers getting seconds and thirds, and taking plates with them! I was thrilled to be able to cook for them...because quite a few are single soldiers living in barracks. It's been a while since they'd had home cooked food.

So that was our excitement last week! I'm very proud of my husband. He has worked very hard for this priviledge.