Monday, March 26, 2012

Military Monday - Army Wives & Linky!

I know, I know! "Her and that Army Wives show!!" LOL

I just finished watching the episode from yesterday evening, and I had a few thoughts about it....which I generally "tweeted" while I was watching it.

But the first thing was the crazy FRG Meeting! How funny!

I have to say, I have never been in one like that, but, I know that ones like that have occurred! You are dealing with people...real people. And when dealing with people, you always have those that would rather be elsewhere, those that always complain, and those who would complain about how things are...but would be the last to volunteer their own time and energy to make a difference. That applies to any situation, not just FRGs.

And you know...there have been some stories out there! I have a friend, who years ago was in a meeting, where the "Leader" literally had a stuffed animal that she "pet" the whole meeting, because she couldn't handle the stress. Oh my!

But again, I would have to return to a couple points.

#1 - FRG Leaders=Officers' Wives is a MYTH....Remember?

An FRG Leader can be the spouse of any ranked soldier. They should have been a spouse long enough to have a working knowledge of the Army and the resources available. You can't lead if you don't know what you are doing. They would have completed training, and be approved of by the command. Because ultimately, the command is responsible for what happens with the FRG. A Commander isn't going to approve someone as the leader, if the commander knows that spouse is a "trouble-maker." You know what I mean?

#2 - Yes, we DO represent our husbands in the way we dress. (I wrote a post about this recently.) But, Roxie didn't have to become a different person. Just cover the pink bra Roxie!

I saw a single episode of some "Real Wives" kind of show once - the show was canceled after that first episode I think - and one of the "characters" was telling her friend how "the army" tells you how to live. That it has all sorts of rules - among other things, that she couldn't have her colored hair. I guess I didn't get the memo. And I'm an FRG Leader! We aren't Stepford Wives. There simply has to be a balance between self-expression, and representation. That applies everywhere.

#3 - Jackie came in and was training the new FRG Leaders.

That doesn't happen that way. FRG Training is basically standard across the army. Local training is performed by an employee of Army Community Services - not a spouse who wants to insert her agendas.

As a matter of fact, the training can be done in an online course via no matter where you are stationed! The only thing that generally changes, is requirements by the individual commanders (unit or garrison.) Some want their leaders to take refresher courses annually. Some just want you trained. That is not up to an FRG Leader of FRG Leaders' "philisophy." There is no chain of command of spouses. We don't wear rank.

Okay, I'm done! That's my this week's run-down on Army on to Military Monday!!!