Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Zesty Tale - and Give-Away

For a long time, whenever I needed to zest citris, I used my grandmother's grater. I knew there were better ways of doing it, but I just never got around to looking for a zester. The problem with this, was that it zested the citris much too deeply and not very well.

So finally this past year, I went around to a few stores (There aren't many here) and this looked like the best one I could find.

The problem with that one, seemed to be that the cutting surfaces were too shallow, or maybe not sharp enough. I'm not exactly sure. The lemon or other fruit had to be the perfect density, or it simply wouldn't "zest." At all.

Then one day I discovered a great little kitchen store in a small shopping center. The clouds parted and the sun shone down. It's my new favorite store in Fairbanks, Alaska!!

And I got one of these.

The surface is perfect. It zests easily and beautifully.

It changed my life.

I can grate a garlic clove all the way down to the blade, and not even scrape my knuckles.

I loved it so much, I thought others might as I'm giving one away.

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