Friday, February 3, 2012

Homecomings and Farewells

Like I have mentioned in other posts, homecomings bring many events and activities once the Leave and family time is over.

Some of them are fun, some are bittersweet. This would fall under the bittersweet category.

Over the past weekend, "The Cav Ladies" got together.

We socialized, enjoyed some food & drinks.

A beautiful quilt was signed...

...With well wishes and thoughts and thanks. You see, we were all there together this evening to say Good Bye to "The first lady of the Cav."

So it was fun and lovely, but a bit sad as well. Friendships that have developed over the course of a deployment, and from even before that...will now become those distant friendships. The cards in the mail, the "likes" on facebook. If we are lucky, those friendships might even come full circle when arriving at a new duty station to discover a familiar face.

We take away from our time, memories and momentos. I think this one was quite appropriate.

But this one will probably be very cherished.

It can be one of the down-sides of military life. Often, your friendships are prematurely cut off by those pieces of paper called "Orders."

But because of this, we cherish and appreciate our frienships all the more.

It makes us stronger....