Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To All of My Readers...

To all of my readers who use the "Google Friend Connect" to follow my blog: All (currently) 253 of you. Google is making changes to their services, and is doing away with "Friend Connect" for most platforms.

According to PCWorld, Blogs are not to be effected, and you should still be able to follow my blog that way.

JUST IN CASE, I have several other ways for you to follow me.

You can follow MrsMamaHen via Facebook

You can follow MrsMamaHen via Twitter

You can also follow MrsMamaHen via FeedBurner - the links are on the side column. You can follow the RS feed or get updates via e-mail.

I am also setting up a "Google+" page. The link will be added on the sidebar when it is ready.

If you love and all of the content I share, please keep me bookmarked. I never go more than a couple days without posting. So if you start missing me...I know I'll miss you.....please stop by and double-check your update choice.

Thank you.