Friday, January 27, 2012

"Print Friendly"

I just discovered a website, that I wish I had found A LONG time ago!!! And I can definitely see myself using it quite a bit.
It is called

It takes any web page, and makes it a printable version. You can remove the pictures, or some of the pictures, or any of the content you don't want to print, and only print the parts you want to!

I now have the widget for my site. In the box under the posts, where you would leave comments, you will see the "PrintFriendly" button.

It looks like this:

If you click that, it will bring up the printing app and allow you to customize how you would like to print the post. Any post! So even if it is an older recipe that doesn't have a printable version, you can still have a printable version at the click of the button.

Sorry...I'm a little excitable....but isn't this exciting!? I love making things easier for my readers!