Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo Challenge

Chantelle, the Aussie mom of is doing a photo challenge. I saw it on Amber's blog: and thought it sounded fun! There is an assigned photo each day of the month. So since I just found out about it today, I'll be doing a little catch-up.

1. You.

(Taken with my phone, using Instagram.)

2. Breakfast.

I would love to tell you that I'm a super healthy person that has a nice balanced breakfast every day....but this is my breakfast most mornings. 2 cups of "Early Bird Blend" organic coffee, with organic sugar and half & half. In my favorite coffee cup with my spoon. Heaven.

3. Something you adore.

My kitty, Hickory. You may have noticed how thin his face is. My poor kitty spent the last month and a half in and out of the vet's office, sick as can be. After hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and uncounted pills stuffed down his throat, and a whole new diet, he is finally himself again...though a much, much thinner version. I love my kitty. I am a cat person.

4. Letterbox (mailbox)

5. Something you wore.

This is me in my "mad bomber" hat. It keeps my ears toasty.

6. Something that makes you smile.

I simply love the trees piled with snow. I especially love the way it contrasts with the perpetual sunset/sunrise we have here in the winter.

There you have it! I think this challenge will be fun!

Are you going to participate too? Share your link in the comments section so we can see!