Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Personalizing Military Housing: A "Tween" Room

I have a friend named Kim, who is incredibly talented and incredibly creative. (She's the one who inspired me to start painting again.) I wanted to share with you what she did for her daughter's "Tween" bedroom.

Living in military housing, we often don't have the ability to decorate it in a way that is personal and ours, because everything has to be temporary, so you can "un-do" it when you leave.

If you look very closely, that is not wallpaper, it is fabric!

She headed to the craft store, and bought fabrics that complimented each other. She covered walls, and windows, and used similiarly colored artwork to add to the feel of the room.

How did she attach the fabric?

"We used clear push pins or thumbtacks. They don't show on the busy pattern, but you could get coordinating pins. They might be more costly, but might work well with your overall design plan. Tack at the corners and along the ceiling about 18 to 24 inches apart. Smoothe the fabric and tack at the bottom just above the top of baseboards. If you plan where your vertical seams will be you can place furniture or artwork over these areas to make them less noticeable. ;-)"

Isn't she creative? You should see some of her other creations. She has a page on Facebook: KH Kellum

You can use more than one kind of fabric on the walls, too.

In most rooms, an "accent" wall is the colored one. In this case, the accent wall was the one they left white, but continued the color in the art.

The fantastic part of this, is not only is it beautiful, but can be taken down in minutes when it is time to go!

This is applicable not only for military families, but for families that rent, families that move often, or maybe even just to do a temporary theme that the kids will out grow, without having to completely repaint walls.

How do you personalize military/rental housing?

If you have a creative idea for "temporary" personalizations, I'd love to hear about it! We could even share it with everyone here on MMH!