Sunday, January 22, 2012

Personal Space

Living the military life and moving around every few years, you sometimes have to learn to be creative with your home decor, furniture placement and such. We currently live in the smallest house we have lived in, in a LONG time. Trying to find a place for everything is difficult. And trying to find some "personal space" is a challenge as well. Here is my own personal space. It isn't a "Mom-Cave" by any means, but it is certainly Mom's nook in the living room.

This is my desk...a garage sale find. On old army desk, SOLID WOOD that I got for $30. Someone had painted it beige...ewwww! At some point I am going to refinish it. I had hoped to do it this past summer, but never got a chance to. One of these days...

The hutch in the corner is another great "find." A friend was getting rid of the desk, and asked me if I wanted it. I brought it home, and gave it a fresh coat of paint, crackle medium and more paint. It resulted in a great hutch! I originally had it in my kitchen, but quickly discovered that it was becoming a "catch-all" for EVERYTHING!

Need to clear the table? Throw it all on the hutch.
Clear the counter? Throw it on the hutch.
It was gathering mail, school work, school books, and about everything else you can imagine.

So, the other day I decided that I really needed a better "set-up" for my painting area, and yesterday the light bulb came on. Remove the catch-all from the kitchen and use it for my art supplies! Perfect!

I have the desk portion for my palette and water jars, and space underneath for my extra canvases.

Paint storage...

My music, goodies, and Ya-Ya inspires creativity :)

Inspiring magazines.

And lots of room for my paint brushes.

When I was in high school, I took painting one semester. My teacher drilled proper brush care into us. And one of the things he talked about was allowing the bristles to dry in the correct shape. I was walking through the arts & crafts store one day, trying to think of something that would hold my brushes in a nice way, that I could see what I want, and not have them bunched all together. Here is what I came up with. The rocks hold the brushes in place, allowing freshly-cleaned brushes to dry without the bristles squishing against the other brushes. It is just a simple glass container, and river rocks. You could use the colored glass ones, too. You could use this for lots of things....markers, make-up brushes, anything you need to "stand pretty."

So, it's my little corner of the house. It isn't fancy, but it's mine.

Do you have a "personal space" in your home? Did you have to get creative?