Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Post: "I Bought Granny Panties"

This is the first guest post on MrsMamaHen. When this post was submitted to me, I laughed.

I laughed a lot.

Ladies...I think we can all relate. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

I bought granny panties today . . .
by Brandye

For all those shy and horrified by all things under clothing, this may not be the post for you. Today, we are talking panties. That's right, panties. Known by a variety of names . . . intimate things, lingerie, underclothes, undergarment, underpants, undies . . . but in my home, we just call them panties.

While perusing my panty drawer the other day, I was overcome with an obsessive need to go panty shopping. I wanted some soft, silky, "goochy goo," slide over your skin and make you smile panties! So....

... off I went to the great panty store that our budget allows for - WalMart (a tear is sliding down my face), where I imagined I would sate my recent obsession with a few lovely little sexy numbers. I searched and looked and dug. Well, options were limited in the luxurious panty side of things. They had cotton. Boy, did they have cotton! Rows of styles, colors and patterns of cotton. Now, obviously, I did not expect to find any truly luxurious silk underthings at WalMart, but I did spy some lovely little pieces in the "not cotton" category and in pretty colors. They even boasted that they were "wedgie free." Score! I grabbed them up and headed home, where I promptly tore into those babies, only to find . . .

. . . I bought granny panties.

I must say, panties look MUCH smaller in briefs or bikinis than in the granny panty version. Seriously, these suckers look huge! I carried them out to the hubs, where he promptly burst into laughter.

Side note here . . . men really do not appreciate granny panties.

Now, we all know that no self-respecting store will take panties back (and no self-respecting me would take them - oh, the embarrassment), so I decided to try them on. Big mistake! They are super comfy, they actually cover my entire backside (don't even try to pretend you don't know what I mean), and (glory be!) they are in fact wedgie-free!! At this point, me and my granny panties did a little happy dance around the bedroom.

So, I guess the point of my little tale is this . . .

I bought granny panties today . . . and I just might do it again!

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