Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looking Back on 2011

It's that time of year again! Time for the second Annual "Year in Review!"

This year, we had a "Ya-Ya" Army Sisterhood social...

We made banners.

We went sledding!

We re-visited the 80's.

We saw moose.

We went to a sled dog race.

I got stuck.

My baby graduated!!!!!

I celebrated my 20th Anniversary, and said "Goodbye" to my husband the next day.

We did lots of hiking, camping, fishing, gold-panning and hunting!

We participated in the Juvenile Salmon Study with the National Fish & Wildlife Department.

Saw more moose.

We re-visited the 50's...

We went to the State Fair.

I re-discovered a love....Painting!

We had a "Half-Way" party.

We saw the Aurora Borealis MANY times.

I met the ladies from the Army Wives Network

I wrote a couple "editorials" on my perspective... like "The Big D" and "Coming Home"

We did lots of berry picking...blueberries, crowberries, cranberries!

And best of all...my husband came home from an early-ended deployment!

Three days later, we found out he was going to be promoted. Frosting on the cake!

What will 2012 bring?