Saturday, November 26, 2011

How was Your Thanksgiving?

Ours Thanksgiving was small and cozy. Just me and my kiddos. I didn't go overboard with the cooking...Turkey, Stuffing, Corn Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Rolls. Oh, and a Pumpkin Pie and a Maple Pecan Pie.

We will actually have a second Thanksgiving Dinner when our current deployment ends. An ending, that as always, never comes soon enough. We still await those magic words of "They will come home when."

Then the night of Thanksgiving, as I was putting away all of the leftovers....we discovered a problem. Our refridgerator was broken!!!! THE day of the year when you have more food in your fridge than just about any other breaks. But thankfull we DO live in we got a little creative. Our place has what is called an "arctic entry." Normally this is a little foyer or entry that is designed for keeping the sub-arctic air from the rest of the house. Now, the little heater in our arctic entry doesn't work, and the landlord really isn't worried about it. In this case, it worked to our advantage. The fact that this little room is a steady 37 degrees (I measured it last week!) was perfect. So I raided my laundry room, and snatched my storage shelving, and stuck it out in the entry. TaDa!!!! Make-shift refridgerator!

We always did this in the garage, growing up in Wisconsin. All of the desserts were lined up in the garage on a bench made of cinder blocks and planks. Here, I already did this with our desserts....but now I have it for everything. I called in the workorder, and they brought out a loaner fridge and put it in my garage....but with the -30 degree temps, who wants to go out there every time you need cream for your coffee? So we decided to just keep it all in there until Monday when they come to bring us a new fridge.

And shortly after Thanksgiving, we had a birthday.

And I will warn kids can only be serious for so long.

So how was your Holiday? Did you brave the Black Friday madness?