Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homeschool Highlight!

I so happy to announce the very first Homeschool Highlight!

This week's homeschool blogger is Tina Hollenbeck! (She's a fellow cheddarhead!)

Where do you live?
I’m in Green Bay, Wisconsin...home of the Superbowl Champion Packers!

Tell us a bit about your blog:
My tagline is “Reflections on My Life as an Ordinary, Imperfect Follower of the Amazing, One-and-Only Savior, Jesus Christ,” and I describe my blog as “a place where I share from my heart about things that matter to me as I seek to follow Jesus in all things.” Thus, Being Made New is not just about homeschooling; however, a lot of what I write centers on that since I firmly believe my primary calling is to raise and educate my daughters (to the glory of God). I also write about “issues” that strike me at any given time, some of which can be controversial (I’m not afraid to speak my mind!) and share links to articles I write for other venues. I consider my primary audience to be fellow Christian moms, especially homeschoolers, and I keep that in mind when I choose topics.

How long have you been homeschooling?
My default response is “from the beginning.” For most people, that means since my children reached “school age,” and that’s an accurate description on one level. But what it really means to me is that I’ve been home-educating since the day I brought each child home from the hospital. The subject matter has changed over the years – and will continue to do so – but the concept is the same regardless of the children’s ages.

How many children do you have?
We are raising our two daughters, who are “Irish twins” and are currently nine and 10. We also have a daughter who would be 12 but is with the Lord since we lost her to a second-trimester miscarriage. Though we have to wait to meet her, she remains forever a part of our family.

What “kind” of homeschooling do you do?
We seem to do a mixture of Charlotte Mason, unit studies, and classical...which I guess actually makes us “eclectic.” I gravitate toward curriculum that provides a way to insure that the girls are learning in a progressively sequential manner in all content areas but which also has room for flexibility, spontaneity, and creativity. When I find something that works, I stick with it...unless it stops working, at which point I am not afraid to “go exploring” for new options.

Tell us about you!
In addition to blogging and writing professionally, I spend my “free time” scrapbooking and connecting with others via Facebook and The Homeschool Lounge; in fact, I often find myself advising other home-educating moms and love being a help in that way. I also enjoy exercising (at the Y). And my greatest joy in terms of “outside activities” is serving on my church’s worship team, usually as a vocalist but also occasionally as an instrumentalist (French horn) and as part of the “video team.”

Tell us about your family:
My husband and I met in college and have been married for over 20 years (which, of course, must mean that I was a both child prodigy and a child bride, lol!). We have a daughter who would be 12 but is with the Lord, and two other daughters, currently nine and 10 years old. We are native Wisconsinites, cat lovers, and “rabid” Packer fans. And my husband is a tent-making missionary who introduces missions to people through his ministry, MissionGuides, in addition to supporting us with a “regular job.”

Share anything else you would like!
The Lord carried me through a difficult childhood and walked me through the fallout that trauma caused to eventually bring me to the place where these two quotes speak to the woman I strive to be:

"Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind (in love) - even if your voice shakes." (Maggie Kuhn, with the parenthetical phrase courtesy of Jesus)

"Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, makes the devil say, 'Oh, crap, she's up!'" (Author Unknown)

Stop by and get to know this great homeschool blogger!


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