Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day in Alaska

This was our first Memorial Day here in Alaska. As with many people across the country, we had a picnic this day. But unlike many people across the country, we had some unique things brought to share at the potluck.

Here's one of those, "You know you're in Alaska" dishes.

I'll get back to that other dish in a little bit...but first I thought I would share some of the fun of the day.

Besides lots and lots of food, there was some very serious volleyball played.

There was lots of laughter.

There were near heart-attacks.

There was picture-taking...

And playing.

There was playing in the sand...

And playing with birdies.

And there was socializing...

And even some singing.

Oh....and this dish?

This is an ONLY in Alaska kind of thing, that is often served raw. Jack tried it, and said it was good!

The black portion is the actual skin of the whale, and the white is blubber. It is a dish that natives would eat to survive the incredibly harsh winters of Alaska.