Sunday, June 26, 2011

Geocaching Pics from my Phone

Yesterday I went geocaching in Fairbanks, and took a few pictures with my phone while I was out and about.

First, this was on a hiking trail that I was tromping down...okay, it was really a ski trail....but man oh man! I couldn't imagine skiing down that hill!
Geocaching trail ..... Okay ski trail

Then, because of the HORDE of mosquitoes there, I decided to go geocaching in town instead.

This was a geocache I found.
Local geocache

I made a stop in Pioneer Park, and saw this....segway tours....Tourists! LOL
Segway tours through Fairbanks. "Tourists!!" LOL

One of the things I have noticed up here, is the larger than usual "population" of vintage cars! You see one just about every time you go somewhere! Here's one of them I saw yesterday.
Neat car I saw downtown Fairbanks

And I'll end with this. A sign in the window of a restaurant, downtown Fairbanks.
Sign in the window of a restaurant in downtown Fairbanks

In the end, I found 15 geocaches yesterday.

If you are wondering what geocaching is, or what a geocache is....visit this site: or my post about it HERE or HERE.