Monday, April 11, 2011

That Snow...

You know that snow we got all winter? Well it isn't really a big deal when it all comes down. Sure you have to shovel, but you kind of expect that in Alaska.

The problems occur when it starts to melt.

Growing up in Wisconsin, the weather would vary throughout the winter. You would have cold days, very cold days, and not so cold days. So that snow you got over the winter would melt here and there. So when spring came, yes it was messy, but it wasn't THAT bad.

Up here, the snow starts, and it stays ALL WINTER. My snowman that I built in November, is still in my front yard. It may not be too pretty anymore, but it is still there, half buried in a mountain of shoveled snow.

So when spring comes here, there is 6 months' worth of snow melting all at once. And it is a REAL mess!

I guess my "muck boots" aren't looking so dumb now, eh boys?