Friday, April 29, 2011

Out and About

Yesterday, I took the kids on a little exploration. We headed out to the southern end of Fairbanks, particularly looking for a shooting range I had heard about.

Well, we found the shooting range, and decided to head on out for a walk towards the nearby Tanana River. Along the way, we actually spooked up a Bald Eagle! It was only 20 feet away! If you look close, you can see a glimpse of the white head there.

It was very cool. We kept on walking and came to the Tanana. Unlike the Chena that is melting quickly, the Tanana is still very frozen.

Besides the Bald Eagle, we also saw a couple Ptarmigan. They blend in very well!

We also got a good look at what appeared to be an eagle's nest in the treeline.

Tomorrow we are going to head out to another area that we have yet to explore. I'd like to take the kids out for some target practice, (we really miss our 4-H shooting club!) I am exploring the ranges in the area. Tomorrow's will be well out of town at a State Park. I can't wait!