Saturday, April 2, 2011

If Only!

I am hopelessly addicted.

I admit it.

Today I went to another new shop in Fairbanks (new to me anyways.)

By the way, this is Martha.  She is quite a character with her own story.

This place only fed the addiction.

In February at the army wive's social that I attended, I won a door prize - a gift certificate to this shop. This was actually a place I had driven by many times, and thought it looked very interesting. I finally had a good excuse to find a parking spot and head inside.

Unfortunately, I am afraid I may be back....often.

I went home with a couple new goodies that totally fed one of my addictions....pottery.

I have this incredible weakness for it...and I think my daughter has inherited this gene.

This is what she came home with. An adorable coffee/tea cup and spoon.

Check out this teaspoon. Have you ever seen anything so cute!?

And me? Well. I came home with this.

When you turn around this unusual coffee cup, you see this.

It is a pocket for keeping your hand warm! They even have them for "lefties."

Oh heavens...another shop that is cool as can be in Fairbanks!  What I love about these shops, is the "quaintness" and "hometown-ness" of it.  In an age of "big box chain stores," these kinds of shops are a breath of fresh air. It almost makes this shopping-hater....enjoy shopping.