Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hitting the "Trail"

Yesterday after dinner, we decided to head out for a walk. We headed towards the nearby river and woods.

We crossed over the road, and headed down towards the river. The menfolk took the hard way, and paid the price! Jeff flat out fell (You can't see him behind Jack,) Josh sunk, and poor Bear begged for Jennifer to come rescue him.

We have always loved doing these kind of walks, but when we have an impending deployment, we find that their frequency gets ramped up. We know we have a great deal of time coming where we won't be able to do these things as a family, and so there is a deep need to have as much "family fun" as possible.

We started down the snow road, and took a moment for a group shot (minus the photographer of course.)

Then we headed out onto the frozen river, and the boys had to plop into the snow...this is becoming a tradition.

While the boys were plopping, I saw movement further up the river. When we got just a touch closer, I snapped this picture of a beaver. Moments later he dove into the water.

We saw moose tracks, beaver tracks, rabbit tracks, raven tracks, and some other unidentifiable ones on our walk.

My husband. He spotted the beaver on the other side of the river from here.

Then we turned away from the river and headed into the deep tree line. We followed this path all the way to the backside of the ski hill.

More snow-plopping. Bear begging for help.

When we reached Birch Hill, the boys started climbing...

These photos were taken around 9:10 in the evening. Sunlight is quickly gaining the lead up here in Fairbanks, Alaska!

I love that I can get to this area without even having to climb into the van. I forsee MANY of these walks in the future.

Does your family face occassional separations due to employment or other situations? If so, do you have anything special that you do prior?