Sunday, April 24, 2011


This week was a very long week, with lots and lots of "MilSpouse" activity.

This week, I took a course to become a certified instructor for the Army Family Team Building course. (AFTB for short.)

AFTB is a course that teaches an army spouse everything they need to know about being a functioning member of the army community. I can't tell you how I wish there had been such a thing when I was a brand new army spouse!

There are three levels to the course. Level 1 teaches things like rank, customs and courtesies, financial readiness, the basics about FRGS (Family Readiness Groups), how to read an LES (pay statement) and even military acronyms...and there are A LOT! PCS, LES, DeCA, ACS, ETS, TDY,and on and on and on.

I think it is a great program, and now I am an official instructor.

It has been a long and busy week. Today I slept in, and this afternoon, I think we will hit the woods again for a nice long walk. The weather has been hitting the 50's and that is glorious here in Alaska!