Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I know, you are probably wondering "What is AFAP?"

Well, let me briefly explain.

AFAP stands for "Army Family Action Plan." It is a means for issues that effect families to be brought to the attention of the "decision-makers" in Washington DC. Sometimes laws get changed, policies get changed, and it improves the lives of families and soldiers in the army.

For instance, when a soldier joins the army, he has the opportunity to receive educational benefits. Money to pay for college. Over the years, there have been countless soldiers that never took advantage of this benefit that was entitled to them. Meanwhile, they may have had a spouse or child that was going to school, and paying for it out of pocket. It seemed like a waste for that "school money" to never get used by the soldier, when someone in his family could have.

Because of AFAP, this issue was sent on, and now if a soldier does not want to use his GI Bill, he can pass that benefit to his wife or child.

Last week, I participated in my first AFAP conference.  Now, I can't tell you what we talked about, obviously, and I couldn't take pictures of the people there....but you can see where I sat for 2 days.

We had lots of rules and guidelines to go by.

And spent a great deal of time debating issues, sometimes a little heatedly for some.

But in the end, we hope we brought some results that will make the way up the chain to benefit those in the army.

Of course, as usual though, my name was spelled wrong on the certificate. I guess it will match half of my others. :-)