Monday, March 21, 2011

What an Adventure!

This evening, I almost had to make my first auto insurance claim ever.


In that I almost had to call Roadside Assistance out. Well, actually I DID call them, but things were taken care of before my insurance company could even figure out what to do, or how to list it.
Apparently Alaska isn't just a state far away from the other states, but a foreign country....or maybe another planet.

You see it all started just like any other drive to a friend's house. I did a little cooking, and took some goodies to her house, chatted and had a nice little visit. Then I it was time to leave...

I was heading up her steep, icy driveway, when suddenly my forward momentum had a fit, and forgot it was supposed to be forward. So I tried to back slowly down the driveway to try it again with more speed.
Um.....that wasn't happening.

Instead, I began sliding sideways and ended up good and stuck. There was no going forward, no going back, and no going anywhere.

We tried digging it out and putting on some snow chains. The picture above was before the second attempt with the chains. I ended up just deeper into the snow.

Yeah...these didn't work so well at this point.

So I called my insurance, and so began the merry-go-round of "Um, Ma'am, I'm not sure how to file this, because it wasn't a collision, and I don't know how to bill you."

(Later I thought to myself, "Wait a minute. I was told in Alaska that they covered ALL expenses of Roadside Assistance, because this was Alaska." Hmmm)

Well, as the guy stammered and stumbled, a neighbor of my friend's came out and said, "Hey, I can try and pull her out with my truck."

So my hitch was not only useful for pulling a camper across the continent, but it got be un-stuck from a DRIVEWAY!

Bless that guy's heart!

He pulled me out, we got the chains back on, and I gunned it up the driveway again. It got squirrelly there for just a second...but I made it, crying, "YAAHOO!!!!" as I reached the summit of her driveway.

I have seen things like this happen more times that you could believe. You pull to the side of the road to take pictures, and someone driving by will stop and ask if you are okay. Even if they see you holding your camera. I have had that exact thing happen more times in the 7 months I have lived here, than in the whole rest of my life combined. (That precise scenario happened about 6 minutes after I got un-stuck, as I was taking pictures of the view on the way home.)

Alaskans seem to know that up here, we have to figure it out ourselves, and are willing to lend a hand to a stranger.


What an adventure! It was actually quite entertaining.

But I don't want to do that again this week.