Wednesday, March 23, 2011

They Done Did it Again

A couple years ago, I introduced you to a dear friend and neighbor, "Mrs Q."

Well, last year, when we moved to Alaska, they moved to Germany. Shortly after they arrived there, they mailed us a package of goodies from Deutchland.
Well, they done did it again!

Mmmmm...the first thing that happened when the package came, was my dear husband dove into the package and snagged a couple things to hide away for no one but him.
Ahem...I know where he put them...and so do the kids.
But out of this package, I think my favorite goodie was these.

Oh my heavens. Imagine an oreo cookie...but the cookie part is barely sweet, and lighter and crispier than a Ritz cracker. And the filling? That wonderful chocolate that only Germans can do.

In addition to edible goodies, there was this.

You take one of these mini incense cones, and put it inside and light it.

Then put the top on and enjoy! The smoke comes out the top of his hat.

During the holidays, she sent me this one. This one smokes near the snowman's pipe.

They are having an amazing time over there in Germany. They are getting to do a little traveling, and seeing some gorgeous sights. Here are a couple of their pictures:

How stunning is this?

We miss you Q family!!!