Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something You Never Want to Use

Earlier this week, I attended a volunteer training class. It was training that I hope I never, ever need to put into practice.

It is for something called a "Care Team."

In the army units have a volunteer position called the Care Team. This is in the event that the worst happens.

A casualty.

If it happens, of course the family is notified through the official channels. After that, the Care Team is activated, if the family wants it. The Care Team goes in and helps with all the mundane things that are the last thing on the family's mind. Cooking meals, cleaning house, answering phones or doors, and simply being there for them for that difficult time between the notification and when their own family support is able to take over.

It is something that one does not volunteer for without much thought and prayer.

I hope I never have to get that call, but if I do....I will be there.