Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Day

Yesterday my hubby and the boys went hunting. Right before they got home, I glanced up from my crocheting, and noticed how bright and clear the sky was, and that the direct sunlight on the "flocked" birch trees was stunning.

Moments later the menfolk came in, and Joshua said that I ought to go up to the look-out and take some pictures. He was reading my mind!

So I grabbed the camera, and headed up to the look-out north of town. It was 10 degrees warmer up there than it was at the house, so coupled with the lovely sunlight, it was a very pleasant time. I wasn't the only one with that idea either. While I was there, about 8 or 9 different vehicles came and went with people getting out taking pictures.

I spent about an hour there from 2-3 pm....and these were some of the many photos I took.

I thought the mountains on the horizon looked surreal in this one.

How did you spend New Year's Day?