Monday, January 24, 2011

Military Monday - Meet the Monkeys!

This week's highlighted Military Spouse blog is rather unique, in that her husband occassionally posts! You don't see that much.

I love the name of this blog as well..."Monkey in the Navy" - it puts me in the mind of the little sea monkeys my sister had when we were little.

I asked Mrs. Monkey...

Q: What is your favorite part about being a navy Spouse?

A: My favorite part about being a Navy spouse is the pride I have. When people ask what my husband does, I love telling them he's in the Navy. And then I get to tell them how cool his job is.
Secondarily, I love that it gives me the opportunity to grow into a better, stronger, more assertive, independent person.

Q: What is your least favorite part about being a navy spouse?

A: My least favorite part, as I'm sure it is for every mil-spouse, is the time apart. Especially since we live 3.5 hours apart right now. So, even when he is "home", the majority of our time together is over the web cam, though we do get a good chunk of the weekends together when he's on off-crew. On a side note - the most annoying thing is the flippin' indecision of schedules. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about here. I'm very glad I have a great flexible boss, otherwise I wouldn't be allowed to schedule time off for the fact that i have to change it 3 times before it happens!

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A Monkey in the Navy


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