Monday, January 31, 2011

Military Monday: Meet "Life as a Mrs."

This week, I am introducing an Air Force wife named Allison.

Not only is she a new Military Spouse...but she is a new spouse! Ahhh....newlyweds!

Check out her beautiful post about her adoption. Such a precious story!

An Introduction from Allison:

"Hi y'all! I am Allison and you can find me over at The Diary Of A Mrs. I am a new Air Force wife, preparing for our first move this upcoming Spring and trying to figure out life in the military. The Air Force was never an option for us, until this past Summer, he signed in August and left in November. We will have been together for 4 years in March, were engaged for 13 days and have only been married since October (13 days before he left for BMT). I was so excited when Mrs. Mamahen asked to highlight me on Military Monday's. If y'all stop by please let me know, I love hearing from my readers!"

Q: What do you think will be the most exciting part of your new life as an Air Force wife?

A: I'm really excited to move to California this Spring, it'll be my first big move away from family and friends. I'm excited (and equally nervous) to move 3,000 miles away from everything familiar with my husband, travel the west coast and just learn to be the best wife possible.

Q: Is there anything special you have done to prepare yourself for military life?
A: Honestly, I really had no idea how hard military life would be...or the distance. I have asked a lot of questions, to my husband, his recruiter, military friends and bloggers. I have read a lot of blogs and a lot of forums. :D

Stop by and pay this new MilSpouse a visit!

The Diary of a Mrs


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