Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year in Review - Part 2


August was by far the biggest month of the year for our family.

On August 1st, we loaded up in the van and left North Carolina.

We drove through Virginia to Tennessee, and visited Jeff's parents.

And then headed through Kentucky and Ohio, stopping in Indiana to visit my sister and nephews.

We drove through Illinois, dealt with Chicago traffic, and stopped at the border of Wisconsin to visit my parents. While there, I was able to enjoy some very old family photos.

Attend my 20th High School Class Reunion, and see both of my Aunts & Uncles.

Then we drove on to roads that our family has never been on. The real adventure began. We saw the Mississippi River

A Spam Museum, Jolly Green Giant, strange sculptures along the Interstate, and even a Corn Museum.

We headed through South Dakota and saw Mount Rushmore and did a detour through the AMAZING Badlands.

We headed through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington State.

And then we headed north to Canada!

Going through Canada, we saw amazing views...

...tons of wildlife...

and even more views... more wildlife, and a signpost forest.

We dealt with treacherous roads and lots of rain, before finally arriving in the state of the Last Frontier!

And the end of the Alaskan Highway!

It was a 5,000 mile trip of a lifetime!


In September, we did a little sight-seeing, hiking, fishing, and even panning for gold.

We saw the Aurora Borealis for the first time.

And saw ice on the river, on only the 6th Day of Autumn.


In October, we had another great view of the Northern Lights.

We had a moose run through our back yard.

And saw winter begin.


November brought with it beautiful winter scenery, and a couple field trips. One to a local museum.

And another for some fresh air and fun!

The menfolk did some hunting...

and Jen and I did some sight-seeing around Fairbanks...and North Pole.

This part of Alaska saw some severe weather the week of Thanks Giving, and had to close school for the first time in 37 years....because it RAINED.

And I hosted the 256th week of the Carnival of Homeschooling.


And finally, December.

My baby girl turned 18 years old.

We had a unit Christmas party, complete with dog sled rides.

The boys dug out a snow tunnel.

And we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas in Ice, in the North Pole of Alaska.

It has been an amazing year. We saw things we had never seen before, took the longest road trip imaginable, with 5 people, 2 dogs and a cat in a mini-van, saw breath-taking sights, and began an adventure in the beautiful land of Alaska.

What might 2011 have in store?

What was your favorite memory of 2010?