Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Winter is certainly making its presence known here in the Fairbanks area. Yesterday morning I headed to the commissary to do some of my grocery shopping.

This was the sky at 10:15 am. The temperature was -31 F.

After my shopping, I turned my van towards home. While stopped for a train, I took this picture.

Crossing the river, check out the ice on the window. That is on the INside.

Right now, going anywhere is a challenge. Both sliding doors and the tailgate on my van are FROZEN SHUT. The only doors we can open are the two front doors, so passengers have to climb behind the seats. Makes grocery shopping very challenging too! This weekend, we are going to rearrange the garage, so hopefully I can pull the van in....and hopefully it will thaw out enough to open the doors again.

The drive home.

Back behind that ice fog, is the ski hill.

Later on, we headed to the ice skating rink. Afterwards, this was the sky at 2:50 pm.

Driving down the Steese Highway in Fairbanks.

Last night we had a projected low between -35 and -45 degrees. I don't think it made it quite that low here in town, but I'm sure the outer areas may have seen it.

At 9:40 this morning, here is the temperature. Oh, and it is also already the day's high temperature.

Temperatures like this, inspire indoor projects. I have begun crocheting much more, and learning new stiches and techniques. Last night I finished a scarf, and I was very please with the results.