Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Scarf

Leigh asked if I could post the pattern for the scarf that I made the other day.

Now I wouldn't know where to even begin, but I can tell you what I did...

I was planning on making a scarf, but wanted something other than the basic single or double crochet, and doing the whole thing with the broomstick stitch (though pretty) would take FOREVER. So I decided to do the shell.

A good friend taught me last year how to do it, but I had kind of forgotten how, so I went online and figured it out again.

You can learn the shell ---> HERE
All it takes is basic chain, and double stitches in a pattern.

I used an "I" hook.

I made the scarf from skeins of "Loops & Thread CHARISMA" yarn, that I purchased at Michael's Craft Store.

Each skein was 109 yards/100 meters. On the label, it also says "Bulky #5" which I think refers to the thickness of the yarn. (I am a novice crocheter!)

The body color is "#23: Lakeside" and the trim is "#7: Dark Blue"

The body took about a skein and a half, and the trim took most of another skein.

The first row was a chain of 24, and then 3 shells in each row after.

I just kept going until the scarf was the length I wanted, and then I used the other color to do the trim in shells all the way around.

That is it.

Like I mentioned, I am a novice at crocheting, so I don't know how good these instructions would be, but I hope it helps! :-)