Friday, December 3, 2010

Need to Entertain the Kids?

Tonight was our unit Christmas party. It was a Chili cook-off, and typical unit event.

But where the typical became the a-typical, was when it came to the entertainment for the kids.

How do they do it here?

With Sled Dog Rides!!!!

There would be my daughter grinning from ear to ear in the sled.

But I want you to meet a very special sled dog.

This dog's name is Zepher. And you will notice something very special about Zepher. Something that might slow many other dogs down, but not this one. He was intently watching the other dogs, and really, really, really wanted to be running!

Zepher the three-legged sled dog.

You can read the story about Zepher --> HERE. After this article was written, Zepher (previously known as Abner) was adopted by his new owners, that do not race dogs, but instead do events and recreational sledding. Half of their dogs are rescues. How awesome!