Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mid-School Year Break

As do most families, we take a break in the middle of the school year. Whether it is a Winter Break, Christmas Vacation, Holiday Break...whatever you call it - this break is very convenient. It gives me a chance to go through my Homeschool Planner, and look over where we are in our lessons. I can see how many lessons we have left in each subject, change my "projected" dates of completion for each subject, and spend time beginning preparations for the next school I mentioned in This Post.

Then I look at my list of items that I will need for curriculum the next school year, and begin finalizing plans for specific subjects.

I also go through all of the school work that the kiddos have done so far. I look at their notebooks - are they falling apart? Are they almost full? We often start the second half of the year with new notebooks for their work.

Sadly, in the house we are currently living, we don't have a room to use as a classroom. I am used to having a room set aside with a classroom table, and all the bookshelves right there with all the books, our school supplies, whiteboards, etc all right at our fingertips. Like this one...

Or this one...

But in this house, the school table is the kitchen table. The whiteboard hangs on the kitchen wall, bookcases are in the living room, and supplies are assigned to a "school closet." It is a shelved closet just off our kitchen, kind of like a second pantry.

I keep the school closet organized with these handy-dandy pencil boxes that you can get at the stores the beginning of the school year for about 50 cents.

Some of these pencil boxes, I have had for years - but they make things so convenient. I prefer ones that are sort of see-through, and I write what the contents are, on the end of the box. It only takes a second to find the pens & pencils, or the science slides.

So I go through the "school closet" and look at all of those supplies. Do we need more pencils? Erasers? Pens? Science supplies?

Needless to say, I take this mid year break to get our second wind, get re-organized, and begin the new calendar year, and second half of the school year refreshed and ready to go!

If you homeschool, do you have special things you do this time of year?