Thursday, December 23, 2010

I've Been AWOL

I apologize for being a tad AWOL this week. I have not been feeling too well.

Let me put it this way. When you have a good dentist, it is a good thing! Finding a new dentist in our new location is proving to be very challenging, but it is something I am most assuredly going to have to do, and soon! I spent Monday evening in the hospital ER getting antibiotics and pain killers because what I had thought was just another TMJD episode turned out to be a...

...Abscess in my jaw.

Yes, envision excruciating pain here.

So the antibiotics did their job. Yesterday was the first day since last Thursday I was able to actually eat a normal meal.

Let me also say that I learned that Vicoden is EVIL and anyone who thinks it isn't, just ain't right! I have added it to the list of things I can never ever take, because the side effects are terrible, and it doesn't even help much with the pain. (Did you know people with red in their hair are resistant to things like anesthetic and pain killers?)

I spent a couple days going from bed to sofa to bed to sofa, and never even got out of my pajamas! That is so not me.

Today being the first day that I truly felt nearly normal again, I spent the morning doing some much-needed housework, then ran errands around a CRAZY-BUSY Fairbanks (December 23rd is not the day you want to run normal errands....because the last minute shoppers are in full force!!!)

When I got home, I began baking, and baking and baking.

I made delectable little Spritz cookies, Soft Sugar Cookies and my Chewy Molasses cookies. Tomorrow I am making some more Spritz, a batch of Pumpkin bars, and the chocolate pies for Christmas dinner.

And I am not setting foot out of my house.

I'll add the pictorial and recipes for the Spritz and Pumpkin bars in the next couple days. The Sugar cookies I will add the next time I make them.

And so, this closes out this little monologue of my miserable normal blog programming shall resume.

Are you ready for Christmas?