Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Carnival of Homeschooling: Our Great Nation

Welcome to Week 256 of the "Carnival of Homeschooling!" This issue, I thought it would be fitting to have a theme of "Our Great Nation."

This is a week of remembering the many blessings we have, and giving Thanks to our Creator for every one of them, great and small.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, here are a few blogs about that very topic.

Barbara Frank has a survival plan for a Simple Homeschool Thanksgiving.

Jen is thankful for her Two Korean Girls - which demonstrates the blessing of our nation being a "melting pot."

At "Sage Parnassus," you can see one of their favorite books for reading aloud at Thanksgiving time. The Pumpkin Pie Procession

This year, we had the opportunity to drive nearly 5,000 miles from one end of the country to the other. We said "goodbye" to the sandhills of North Carolina....
The sun setting on Smith Lake, Fort Bragg, NC - our last evening in North Carolina.

...and the next morning began our long drive west and north. We visited family in several states along the way, and then saw many states we had never laid eyes on before. In addition to new places, we saw many amazing, interesting and unique things. Many of these highlighted the creativity and imagination of Our Great Nation.

Some of the "things" we saw on our trip were man-made.

The Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois.

Hundreds of wind turbines throughout the midwest and beyond.

A museum dedicated to the "Mystery Meat" of SPAM in Minnesota.

A Museum dedicated to Corn in South Dakota.

A larger-than life sculpture of four presidents.

Great sources of energy.

These blog posts also demonstrate the creativity, imagination, uniqueness and perseverance of homeschoolers.

How about creating a Cranberry Playdough to inspire imagination? That's what what Maureen did at "Homeschool Mo."

Or how about creative ways to teach math with "And the Baby Is . . ." at "Let's Play Math."

At "Home Spun Juggling," we see how music can be used as a great teaching tool for many subjects with a Musical Learning Playlist.

Miss Nirvana creatively teaches a cooking lesson by creating art with spices The Spice of Life.

Sharon shows us how teaching sometimes means stepping back and letting them explore on their own with Simple homeschool science.

Susan Ryan shares how Homeschoolers go out on the town into museums to learn and socialize at: Out on the Town.

At "Our Domestic Church," we see the fruits of pushing through when our lives bring us challenges in Our CLEP adventure hits another snag

At "Why Homeschool," Janine shares her joy of her daughter passing their state's High School Proficiency Examination in Passed the CHSPE

And Jamie also shares that being dedicated doesn't mean every day is fun, but that you push through the tough times anyways with My Dirty Little Secret

At the "Five J's" we see the value of music in homeschools with Should Parents force their Children to tkae Piano Lesson?

Sometimes our creativity means going back to the basics. Remember chalkboards? Mrs. White at the "Legacy of Home" shares how this classic teaching tool can still be used today with Chalkboard math for Teenagers

(We utilize whiteboards in our home in a similar manner)

But we would have to say that our favorite sights were not made by the hands of man. The Father and Creator of all, will forever be the greatest sculptor and painter with a scale and creativity that could never be matched.

Three weeks later, our trip ended in the 49th State of Alaska...

...where God's paintbrush at times, seems to have worked overtime.

The greatness of our nation does not stop with its natural beauty nor the creativity and inventiveness that it inspires. One of the greatest attributes our our nation is our freedoms. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion and so much more. Just like the physical blessings we have in this nation, these blessings of freedoms should be exercised, protected, and never, ever taken for granted.

These posts demonstrate our right to exercise our freedoms, and remembering our priorities and values.

Janice Campbell discusses the impact we have on our children's lives, and not just with homeschooling, but everything else as well with Making Time for Things that Matter: Where’s the Impact?.

Lisa at "Spring Meadows Academy" discusses the importance of knowing what your goals and achievements are with homeschooling in Overachievers?

Rose at "Learning at Home" compares a traditional classroom to the heirarchy of the barnyard with Socialization on the Farm

At "No Beaten Path," we see our freedom to make the choices to educate our children in the way the suits our family best with Home Education - What do you do all day?

And our "educational" choices don't end with the school books, as "Six at Home" shares with Kill your T.V.! And your Video Game System Too!! (Or Take Back Your Child)

Denise writes an open letter to her homeschool co-op blogging students about copyright and plagiarism at Warning: Don't Copy! posted at Blogging 2 Learn.

And last but not least, Linda at "Parent at the Helm," shows us the importance of being educated about the educational system. It only helps us make better choices about the education of our children at The Public Schooling Revolt Continues

Thank you to all of you creative homeschooling bloggers for your submissions! I pray you have a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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