Saturday, May 29, 2010

Volunteer Recognition

Back on May 21st, my husband and I got into the van and headed to post to go to the "Division Headquarters." I had been cordially invited by General Something-Or-Other to come and be recognized for my volunteer work. (Don't you love my name dropping? I'm so a-political when it comes to my hubby's work.)

So we went, I sat in the special section and we listened to the Airborne Chorus do a little perfomance.

Then we were called up by unit and by name...

Shook some people's hands...

Were postitioned on the stage by height...

(This photo is from a friend that was there)

And had a Photo Op.

Then we received certificates and had a luncheon. I have been invited to several of these over the years....but this (like The Military Ball) is the first time I actually showed up.

I really don't need to be recognized for volunteering some of my time. It's just a thing. But since we are leaving the unit after all these years, I thought I would finally play nice and go :-)