Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spur of the Moment Field Trip - Part 4 - the Naturalist Center

Continuing on through our field trip at the Natural Sciences Museum, on the fourth floor there is this really neat place for the older crew (ages 8 and up.)

It is called the Naturalist Center.

It is a very hands-on room.

With specimens galore!

Look at all the cephalopods! We have one of these at home.

Some of the specimens are just skins, some are stuffed, and there are lots in jars, like this bat.

I thought these were so cool! Inspiration for my daughter's upcoming biology labs, hehehe!

My boys, ever the outdoorsmen, were of course drawn to things like these.

and those.

The back wall of the Naturalist Center, is lined with these kinds of displays.

Just beautiful!

Look at the variety!

The cool thing about this room, is that if it isn't sealed in a case or a jar, you can take it out and hold it, and appreciate it.

Check out this wolf's paw. That is MY hand that is swallowed up by it.

Its head.


There is so much to look at in there.

and yes....more to come.