Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spur of the Moment Field Trip

Wednesday morning last week, we got up, and started our day as usual.

I had my morning coffee, had my morning online chat with my hubby in Afghanistan...then headed off to take a shower before getting going on the school day.

A typical school day morning..

Ever notice how you have brainstorms in the shower?

Is it just me?

Okay.... well.... anyways....

*I* had a brainstorm.

Let's forget school today and go on a field trip!

We hadn't been to the museums in a while, so I decided we were going to make a day of it! Sometimes you just have to take a break. One of the points of homeschooling, is not being stuck in a classroom....but sometimes we find ourselves stuck in the monotony, and it is time to break out!

So, I got dressed, dried my hair, and went downstairs and made the announcement. "Don't touch your schoolbooks!"

The kids were shocked....but of course it didn't take them but a micro-second to get over the "huh?"

So we headed to Raleigh....our first stop....the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

What a funny-looking fellow.

Can you find the critter?


Posing by the whale skeletons...

Um.....Zombies in the Museum?

That's one mighty big whale.

Some of the realistic displays in the museum.

My youngest having a visit with a turtle.

Hello little guy!

Checking out the Earthquake Display. See the red circle near Wisconsin? That was near my parents' home.

The top section, was a list of all the earthquakes that had occurred in the United States, just THAT DAY.

A couple more of the live critters in the museum. This one looked quite odd....but he was molting.


More to come.