Monday, September 27, 2010


Not far from here, there is a family.

This family is very shy, and they don't much care for having their pictures taken, but if I am sneaky, I can snap a few.

Here is the mother and child.

The little one saw me and swam off into their home, but Mom kept on munching.

This beaver was busy, busy, pulling branches and continually working at the dam.

Still working.

In another part of town, not far from here, is a place called Creamer's Field. This farm is a migratory bird sanctuary, and is simply amazing this time of year (last month especially) with the THOUSANDS of birds traveling south for the soon-coming winter.

There are many species of birds coming through, but you really see lots of Canadian Geese and Sandhill Cranes. It is so cool seeing the many V's of birds flying overhead. Sandhill Cranes in particular are very vocal birds, and you can't miss their passing.

Just a few of our neighbors. These are the best kind.


Louellen Lawson said...

Some of your new friends stop by Indiana in a month or so.....
We have visited this area a few times to view them as they come to roost in the evening.....
Very neat!

Sandy J said...

Very cool photos but be careful they might think you're a paparazzi (sp?) :0)

In all seriousness the pictures of the beavers are really neet - I like observing animals in nature like that.

Victoria Faye said...

Oh how wonderful to see beavers in the wild like that!! Wouldn't it be interesting to observe them year round and see their families growing up and having families of their own?

The bird sanctuary must be an extraordinary place (but I hope you will wear a good hat while you are out there with your camera! You don't want to take home any unwanted "souvenirs"!