Sunday, July 11, 2010

Raven Rock State Park

Last weekend, we went on an outing to hike at Raven Rock State Park. It is the same park that the kiddos and I went to a few months ago, before Jeff came home from Afghanistan. So we went again, this time as a family.

As we were walking along a trail, we glanced off to the side, and saw this.

Last time we went to Raven Rock, we took the Raven Rock trail, that led us to an area of rock formations along the river, which lended name to the park. This time, we took the "Fish Trap Falls" trail that led us to another part of the river.

There were rock formations in the water, that created shallow areas to walk all the way out on. It was so cool!

Jack found a teeny tiny frog.

The Jeff and the boys waded out along the rocks, seeing what they could find in the water.

The doggies had fun getting wet too!

Some of the boys' treasures....

And of course, a family photo op.