Sunday, April 25, 2010

Homeschool Spring Formal/Prom

This year, both my daughter, and my oldest son went to the prom. We bought Jennifer a dress from a wonderful local consignment shop, and rented Joshua a tux.

Dad helping Josh with his tux.

We took a few pictures out in the yard.

All dressed up. So grown up. Where does the time go? This is my favorite picture!

And now off to the country club.

Jennifer and Emma. Emma made her dress.

Bestest Friends

Joshua and his buddy Jacob (Emma's brother)

Joshua watching the golfers out there.

I SO didn't want to leave, but we hadn't been picked as chaperones this year. Parents are allowed to come in for the first 30 minutes and take pictures, and then the rest of it begins. This is the last year my kiddos have this opportunity, so I took lots of pictures!

In the next post, I will post pictures from my daughter's camera, that she took during the evening. See it HERE