Friday, November 27, 2009

A Very Thanks Giving Tale

Yesterday was quite a day. It started out as any other Thanks Giving. We got up, got the turkey in the oven, did the prep-work for the side dishes.

A couple of hours later, we saw our neighbors out back looking for something. Their toddler had opened the door, and their young black dog had escaped.

"Mrs Q", our youngest and I headed out to help them look for their dog. In the process, we saw another black dog, and a beagle running around.

Just outside of our neighborhood, there is a VERY busy, 4-lane highway. A lady came in and told us there was a black dog out there, so we headed that way, and the neighbor grabbed his car, and headed out there. As we got to the road, he came in with his dog in the backseat. She had been sitting next to the highway, staring at the traffic. While we talked to him, the beagle came over to us, and then followed its nose out towards the road again. The neighbor headed home, since he was blocking the road, and we turned around to see the beagle dart in front of a car, and then get hit by a truck, going about 60 miles per hour. It was horrific. The sound of the dog hitting the bumper, and the sight of it spinning like a top in the turning lane. JR was near hysterics, and I was trying to calm him, when "Mrs. Q" ran into the highway to get her. As she got to the turning lane, the dog began to move. She scooped her up, and I turned and ordered JR home. I didn't want him seeing anything was already bad enough. "Mrs. Q" came back out of the road, carrying the beagle like a baby. We knew for sure this dog couldn't possibly make it. She had been hit at a high rate of speed by a super-cab pick-up truck. Internal injuries had to be terrible. The dog just laid in her arms. So we talked to our gate-guards, and asked them to call animal control. Animal control wouldn't come.

So what to do?

Leave the beagle laying in pain in the side of the road? Oh no. This was someone's pet. She was clean, healthy, trimmed toe-nails and all. What if it was one of our dogs?

So we took her home, laid a pad of blankets on the garage floor, and began a bed-side vigil for the beagle. JR went off on a mission to knock on the doors of the houses where we have seen beagles, hoping to find the family.

About 30-45 minutes later, something amazing happened. The beagle got up, and started playing, following the kids around. She started drinking water. She ate a bowl of food. We took her in the back yard, she walked around, used the bathroom, like any normal dog. Our new neighbor is in the medical field, and came over with his "tools" and checked her out. He was shocked at her condition. He told us what to watch for, and said if she made it through the weekend, that he would see about taking her to the vet he works with.

JR said that we should pray for her. Of course.

So we headed back into the house, and proceeded with our Thanks Giving dinner......

The beagle.......we are calling her "Hemi" because she is one tough little dog....began following everyone around, alert, affectionate. She jumped up and down from the sofa, and made herself right at home.

Overnight, the boys camped out in the living room, to keep her company.

This morning, she is chasing toys, playing, still eating, and generally a perfectly fine dog.

Here she laid while we were eating....watching for crumbs.

Hickory is not thrilled of course.

So this morning, we are going to drive around and see if we can find "lost beagle" signs....and if not, we will have her scanned for a chip. If no luck.....we may have a new family member.

If we find her family.....they will truly have something to be thankful for. How many dogs can take on a full-sized truck and live to play another day?


A final segment of this story....we found the owner of the beagle the next morning. Sissy went home, to a very grateful family.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Visit to Tennessee

This weekend, we have been visiting family in Tennessee. My husband hasn't been able to come here and visit his family in a while, so we took the opportunity to take a trip while he is home on R&R.

Hubby took our youngest down to "the old place" to help him set up a crawfish trap in the creek. Look what they caught after just a couple hours.

This is a monster of a crawfish.

This is "the old place."

It is actually what is left of the home of my husband's great grandparents. It is just down the road from where his parents live now.

Walking back from the old place.

And some of the scenery of the area.