Sunday, April 5, 2009

In the Garden

Well, we have the first of two beds in for the vegetable garden. This one has beans, peas, potatoes, echinacea, onions, carrots and some flowers to draw in the pollinators. Today we built a simple frame to go around it, so we could put in some pvc arches, to cover it with plastic, and protect it from a late frost if need be.

But of get 3/4 done with a project, and the battery on your cordless drill goes dead....and the back-up battery is dead too! But that's okay, I was getting sun-burned out there anyways. Didn't remember until it was too late, to get out the sunscreen. We'll finish it up later this afternoon, or after dinner.

I also have 2 raised flower/herb gardens ready to fill with soil. I'm going to pick-up a truckload this week sometime.