Monday, April 13, 2009


A friend and I got together today and took the kiddos on a picnic & hike. The weather didn't look so hot today, but we decided to go for it, and hope for the best. It ended up being perfect. Just as we finished the hike, it began to sprinkle, couldn't ask for anything better than that!

We started off at the nature center, that had lots of native critters. Here are some of the hawks that live there.

Me and the kiddos out on a log.

Does JM look a little nervous? Maybe because her brother kept shaking the log...

Looking over one of many bridges

"I'm not going to fall in Mom, you know me better than THAT"

Yep....Mom knows well

Enjoying nature along the way. The plant life....

And the wild animals...

Did we not learn our lesson on the last log?

Apparently not.

A beaver dam

My friend and her youngest