Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Moved!

This is it!

This is officially my LAST POST on MrsMamaHen!


If you follow me on facebook, take a moment to like the new page!

The Foodie Army Wife

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MrsMamaHen will remain for now, so you can always reference back if there is something you are looking for. But, bookmark the url: http://MrsMamaHen.blogspot.com

As I move content to the new site, I will delete it from here. So if a recipe is gone from MMH - you will now find it in the new location. Just hop on over and find it there.

So.....I am moving to a new location...still blogging...still cooking...still taking pictures...but all in a new online Home!

Please join me in the new location, and continue the adventure!