Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Grab your Tissues

For anyone that has allergies, pollen is a nightmare.

If you are allergic to pine, you will be in absolute misery here in NC, and generally any of the South East.

We have pollen. Lots and Lots of Pollen.

Pollen of epic proportions.

The other day, I was driving down the road, and there was a thick fog. People were driving with their headlights on at 11 am.

The terrifying thing, was the fog was GREEN.

Bad blogger---I didn't have my camera, to document the horror.

The pine pollen around here covers everything. And I mean everything!

Last night, I washed off my van. This morning it looks like this.

And nightmare of nightmares, yesterday at the stable, the pond looked like melted mint ice cream.

I'm so grateful I am not allergic to pine. My weakness is hardwoods, though they are pretty managable now with some herbs I take.

But even without being allergic to the pine, the sheer quantity of the pollen, is enough to irritate anyone's eyes and throat, in the same way that stirring up dust would.

I just thought I would share......and help those in other parts of the country, especially those with pine be so happy they are not here.